Michael Starozhitsky

Michael Starozhitsky has over thirty years of experience in a variety of technical and management areas including Metallurgy, Fracture and Fatigue Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Welding, Tribology, Metal Forming, Corrosion, etc. For over 20 years he worked for ITW, a Fortune 200 Company where he as a top technical manager, was involved in providing technical support to Automotive, Construction, Welding, Packaging and  Food Equipment Groups. His major responsibilities were related to New Product Development, Innovation, Cost Reduction and Product Liability. In the last few years he was involved in Innovation Processes including Blue Printing, BMGI and GoldFire. In the last two years he worked as a Consultant to the Marmon Company, a Division of the Berkshire Hathaway Company. During this time he had projects with Retail, Highway Technology, Steel and Food Equipment Groups. Earlier he worked for Outboard Marine Corporation and Precision Twist Drill Co. Michael has a MS in Material Sciences,is a member of AMS ( American Metal Society) and AWS( American Welding Society) and holds more than 30 US patents.