Project Details

An established gear manufacturing company was positioned to grow but it realized it needed more experience and stronger skills in the CFO position. This position was critical to their strategic growth plans. It also needed a special set of skills and personality to compliment the current culture and partner with the President.

Processes and Solutions

Mondek Solutions was engaged to conduct a search for the right candidate. This involved interviewing the President and his staff to understand the company’s culture and to identify the skills needed. A targeted ad was then developed and placed in a number of social and traditional media venues. Review, sorting and ranking of responses and numerous levels of interviews were conducted. These efforts were then condensed down to a short list of three very strong candidates. These candidates, along with an executive overview for each, were presented to the President for consideration.


A highly talented individual was selected and put in place meeting all criteria. The entire process from start to finish was accomplished in roughly two months and the company is now resourced for growth.