Total Quality

When many business owners hear the words “total quality management” the first question that often comes to mind is “what is total quality management?” In its simplest form, total quality management is the ability of your company to consistently improve processes and organizational structure to facilitate and maintain positive relationships with customers. As a result, total quality is more about what your company does rather than just a basic principle that your company needs to adapt and leave stagnant over time.

Innovation Drives Forth Total Quality Management

Because most businesses already take advantage of total quality solutions for their company, this alone will not help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. In contrast, it is the lack of effective total quality management solutions that will make you stand out, but not in a good way. As a result, you will have eliminated your company as a supplier with potential clients because you aren’t actively pursuing 100% customer satisfaction as other companies likely are.

Mondek Solutions has the experience and necessary tools to provide you with total quality management that will make meaningful improvements for your business. We work to provide you with process objectives intended to make your business effective, efficient, and adaptable through the use of high-quality tools such as Deming’s PDAC Cycle.

We Offer Several Total Quality Solutions


We can provide your company with numerous solutions, including:

  •  Assess current practices to refine or design risk resolution
  • Supplier sourcing and certification programs
  • Continuous improvement
  • Basic quality tools (SPC, Pareto, Cpk, black belt tools, design of experiments, etc.)
  • Develop a quality driven management team

Mondek Solutions can Transform Your Total Quality Management

For total quality management solutions that will help distinguish your business from all others while providing your customers with the efficient service that they can come to expect, contact Mondek Solutions at 855-282-4867 or by email at